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Bodegas Gil Berzal


Bodegas Gil Berzal has a long history of growing vines and wine making which has been passed down generation through generation. José Luis Gil founded the winery in 1998 along with his wife, Gloria Berzal, in order to commercialise his brand of Rioja wines. Nowadays their sons Saul and Benjamin run Bodegas Gil Berzal following the family tradition and have instigated new innovative projects for the winery.

Bodegas Gil Berzal Bodegas Gil Berzal Bodegas Gil Berzal


Due to the fact that the winery owns its own vineyards, they can obtain the best quality, healthy grapes which are selected from the vineyard.

Bodegas Gil Berzal carefully tends to its vineyard throughout the year by pruning, removing excess shoots and leaves to limit the yield. They are continually improving their techniques in the vineyard in order to obtain high quality, healthy Rioja wines.

Bodegas Gil Berzal owns 20 hectares of vineyard of which 85% are Tempranillo, 10% are Garnacha, 5% are Graciano and 5% are Viura. The vineyards are located in and around Baños de Ebro and Laguardia, in Rioja Alavesa.

Bodegas Gil Berzal carefully selects its bunches of grapes by hand at the optimum moment of ripeness. They are aware that only with good quality grapes can you make a top quality Rioja wine.

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The family run Bodega is located in the beautiful hill town of Laguardia, in Rioja Alavesa. The winery is the family house which has a dining room on the ground floor so that they can receive visitors and 2 small buildings to make and age the wine.

Wine Making:

Bodegas Gil Berzal´s wines are made with grapes that come from their own vineyards which are managed sustainably and represent the authenticity of Rioja Alavesa. The winery´s philosophy is to make natural Rioja wines by looking after their vineyards and respecting nature. Bodegas Gil Berzal keeps the family tradition alive by making its young wines in the traditional Carbonic Maceration method. They also make Rioja wines which are barrel age and a unique ice wine which has the Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin´s stamp of approval.

Prizes and Acknowledgements:

Bodegas Gil Berzal has been awarded with various prizes by the press for the high quality of their wines and for the way they make artisanal wines.

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