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Bodegas Finca Valpiedra


Located in the best area of the Rioja Qualified Denomination of Origin in a spectacular meander of the Ebro River, we find Bodegas Finca Valpiedra, the only Rioja cellar forming part of the Asociación Grandes Pagos de España [Great Single Vineyard Estates of Spain].

Bodegas Finca Valpiedra Bodegas Finca Valpiedra Bodegas Finca Valpiedra


Located in a spectacular oxbow meander of the Ebro River with more than 30 years of history, one of great Spanish Estates. Bodegas Finca Valpiedra has 80 hectares of vineyards situates at an altitude of 420 meters. The microclimate, its special geology formed by layers of limestone pebbles and stones are the best conditions for creating excellent wines. These stones play a key role in wine quality as they act as a natural filter providing the vines access to an ideal, pure water supply, as well as warmth and reflected light.

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Bodega Finca Valpiedra is located in Fuenmayor, Rioja Alta inaugurated on 1999 and situated in an exceptionally beautiful landscape surrounded by its own vineyards. It has a wine making room, a barrel cellar and bottling room.

Wine Making:

Bodegas Finca Valpiedra creates elegant, exclusive, modern wines with extraordinary characteristics based of carefully picked fruit selected from its own vineyards. Traditionally made terroir wines created by combining land work with new wine making techniques, based on care and respect for the grape.

Bodegas Finca Valpiedra manually harvests the grapes in small boxes. Later there is a rigorous selection process on the table. Only the best grapes pass from the selection table.


Bodegas Finca Valpiedra wines are available through the main national distributors and in more than sixty countries around the world.

Prizes and Acknowlegements:

Bodegas Finca Valpiedra wines have been awarded with several national and international awards being greatly appreciated around the world.


Bodegas Finca Valpiedra has intensified its wine tourism offer thanks to the exceptional location of its installations and vineyards.

Online wines Bodegas Finca Valpiedra